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We are a not-for-profit licensing ministry organization made up of churches, licensed and ordained ministers, and members. 

7 Benefits to Having a Spiritual Covering

  1. Protection – When the darkness comes at you, they discover you are not alone.  Someone is standing with you in prayer and believing God with you for victory.

  2. Wisdom – Proverbs teaches us that we find greater wisdom in an abundance of good counsel.

  3. Restoration – God’s method of restoring us when we need it is always loving, supportive relationships.

  4. Credibility – It’s easier to trust someone who is properly submitted.  Being submitted reveals teachability and humility.

  5. Encouragement – Often the Holy Spirit uses those who we are submitted to – to lift us.

  6. Correction – It’s also easier to hear about something that needs to change from those who have proven to us that they care and that they are capable.

  7. Impartation – When we select the right person to be our covering, we gain a portion of the anointing that is upon them.

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